Friday, July 13, 2007

Sears/LG #5

  • July 13th---I call LG. I explain the entire story to the rep and end with, can't you just give me a new machine? Nope. We're not going to replace a machine that can be repaired. I tell her that if it was repairable, it should have been repaired by now. She puts me on hold. She comes back and asks where I bought the washer. I tell her Sears. She tells me that I have to call Sears. That they have an agreement with Sears that Sears will service LG units purchased from Sears. I tell her about how Sears told me that they don't service LG Products. "Well, they're going to have to." I asked her who was going to tell Sears that. She put me on hold again. When she comes back to the phone, she tells me that she has a rep from Sears on the line who will help me further.
  • I can't remember how many people at Sears I talked to that day. I was transferred around several times, a couple people were really concerned about the problems that I'm having, but couldn't actually help me, so they transfer me on. I get another rep on the phone (and after explaining everything again), she puts me back on hold for a few minutes, and then comes back and tells me that she's put in a service order and that someone will contact me within 24 hours to schedule the service appointment. I remind her that Sears has told me that they won't service the unit, so putting in a service order won't actually help me. "I'm sorry, but this is just the complaint department. All we do is log complaints." Nice. She transfers me off to someone else, and while I'm on hold, the call gets disconnected.
  • I call back and talk to a new rep. By this point, I'm sure they've got some decent notes in their system about me and my lovely washer. I ask to talk to a Supervisor. "Is this Tim?" I tell her yes, and she asks what the problem is. I talk about how the previous rep really didn't help me. We don't need service (cause Sears can't provide it). I need a new washer. She puts me on hold. After talking with her Supervisor for a while, they find a list of manufacturers that they service. LG is on the list, but it has a line through it with a note that says "we do not service." But then they find that The Great Indoors services them, and The Great Indoors is a Sears company. So all I have to do is set it up with them and I should be good to go. She gives me the number and transfers me.
  • At this point, I have to pass the phone to my wife since I have to get to work. She talks to them and they say that they already have a service order in for us (the one opened two paragraphs up). They'll call us by Monday 12pm to confirm an appointment.

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