Friday, June 22, 2007

Sears/LG #3

  • Stephanie at the repair company calls me at some point during the week of June 4th. The part has come in and they can come out on Monday June 11th between 10am - 5pm. My wife has a doctor's appointment at 3pm and I cannot afford to take more time off from work because we're leaving for Mexico on June 12th for 10 nights. I accept the appointment in hopes that they'll show before my wife has to leave, but when they don't show by 1pm, we have to cancel the appointment. Rescheduled for June 22nd.
  • Technicians show up on Friday June 22nd. They're downstairs for not more than 10 minutes before they call us to come downstairs. The guy sounds slightly panicky. LG sent them the wrong control board. According to the tech, they ordered the correct control board, the box had the right part number on it, but the wrong board inside it. They're going to order a new one, have it rushed and possibly overnighted, and will call us next week to schedule an appointment. AND, they'll make us 1st call of the day.