Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sears/LG #4

  • Stephanie calls me on July 7th (two weeks later...great overnight service) and tells me that the part has finally come in and they can come out on Wednesday July 11th between 10-am and 5pm. "You mean 1st call, right?" Well, she'd request it, but can't guarantee it.
  • Technician calls me on the 11th and says that he'll be at the house between 12pm and 2pm...Probably closer to 2 since he has 2 calls ahead of me. By the time he shows, I'm already at work. My wife calls me and says that it's fixed. He even ran a test on it where it zipped through all the cycles in 5 minutes. There were no problems with the spin cycle. Finally.
  • Molly calls me about an hour later. She was doing a load of wash and got the "UE" error code. I tried the system reset when I got home. No help.

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