Thursday, September 20, 2007

stupid squirrels

Ok, so I have a window box thing on our back porch. I have chile peppers growing it in. Kinda fun, I get fresh chiles whenever I want, whatever. Today, I realize that it really needs water. I go out and as I'm watering the plants, I see something big and fleshy looking sticking out of the dirt, and one of the plants is kinda pushed on it's side.

what the heck? I get a closer look, and it then looks like plastic or something...what the heck??? I poke it, it's softer than I expected, but still kinda firm...what the HECK???

I tug at it, and realized that it was buried pretty deep in there. I pull it out, and it's a freaking breadstick, much like one that you would expect to get from The Olive Garden. Why the heck is there a breadstick buried in with my chile peppers?

stupid squirrels.

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